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Kick-off Project

Our current project is simply focused on launching this new charity.  The short-term goal is to gain awareness and interest to the mission and goals of the charity, while building out a longer-term plan for outreach projects and programs to support the overall goal of spreading and exemplifying kindness and empathy. We want to set the example, teach, support and spread the power of choosing kindness over negative behavior. This charity has been established in honor or our son, Cameron Nahf, who set the example of how to live in kindness and empathy towards everyone he met.

Our organization relies on donations to support the mission of spreading kindness. Consider donating today to expanding the mission to build on the character of our youth to create positive, more supportive communities.

Learn about opportunities to spread kindness in your home, neighborhood, school and community.

Our mission is simply to build kindness. We focus on spreading kindness to others through pay-it-forward gestures and recognition. Our dream is for all schools to create programs aimed at recognizing and rewarding positive behavior.

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