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Cameron was a funny, quirky kid. He often would introduce new phrases or words to his friends as a way of standing out and making them smile or feel special. One of his favorite self-proclaimed phrases he used during his last year in high school was "Flex". 

He used this word in several contexts, including as a quick greeting (in place of Hello or Goodbye), as a way of complimenting someone, for example, "Nice shirt, that's so flex!". He also used it as a way of commenting about someone doing something good, such as passing a test, getting asked on a date, holding the door for a stranger, such as "That's Flex, good job!". 

Inspired by his variations of use of the word "Flex", we named his charity Flex Kindness to remind others to use their strengths, their compliments, and gifts from God to show kindness towards other people. 

We aspire to build a focus on kindness throughout our community, as well as inspire others to do the same within their community, across the state, the country, and the world.

Today's world could use a strong army of people to remind us that kindness is a virtue that can break down walls, reconnect relationships, and inspire happiness in all of us. We hope you'll choose to Flex Kindness with us.

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